Meet Racquel

Hi there! I'm Racquel!

I’m a family portrait photographer based in Hamilton, NJ. I create vibrant, authentic portraits for modern families. My goal is to give families a fun portrait experience that shows off who they are and how much they love each other.

I’m obsessed with all things crafty and I’m known to have at least two DIY project going at any given time. When I’m not behind a camera you can find me snuggle up at home with my favorite peeps, my awesome husband Chris, amazing 12-year-old daughter Sydney, and our spunky little beagle Cooper.

I wish I had some cliche story about how I picked up a magical camera when I was young, and the skies opened, angels sang from the heavens, and I instantly found my calling. But the truth is I’m just a girl who figured out that taking pictures of people made me happy, and made them happy, too. 

I picked up my first SLR camera (the film kind) back in high school and after years of photographing family and friends, I realized there was nothing I loved more than being behind a camera. I’ve been a professional portrait photographer for 5 years and I can’t imagine doing anything else.

My love of watching people connect with each other is what got me into family portraits. My photography style is vibrant and authentic. I believe the best family portraits are not made by someone saying cheese. They’re made when people are laughing, having fun, and living in the moment. So my goal for every family portrait session is to make it fun and stress-free.

Families are not always perfect. In fact, they’re NEVER perfect, and that’s what makes them beautiful. Every family I work with is unique and I love finding the little quirks that make each of them special.

I believe everyone should use their natural talents and gifts to make an impact on the lives of others. Being a family portrait photographer allows me to do just that. I get to meet cool families, play silly games with kids, be creative and give people something priceless in the process.

My recipe for an awesome family portrait session includes funny faces, dumb jokes, weird noises, group hugs, letting the kids be kids, and a few fun games.

You’re looking for a photographer who can capture your family’s awesomeness, has the magic trick for getting a child’s finger out of their nose and can capture the uniqueness of your family – and that’s what I do!

Your portrait session is all about having fun and getting beautiful photos of your family. Whether it’s your very first photos as a family or your annual family portrait session, I promise you’ll enjoy your time with me and get gorgeous photos to enjoy in your home and share with friends and family.

If you’re ready to have a great time creating family portraits you’ll love, click below to get started.

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