The Family Portrait Safety Guide

The last few months have thrown us all for a loop, most of us have spent more time at home that we have in the last few months than we did in the last year!

During the lockdown, we have all missed out on so many things and it hasn’t been easy, to say the least. But there’s a silver lining for many families.

We’ve gotten to spend more time connecting with our families.

Sure, the kids may have driven you a little crazy and you’ve developed a new appreciation for the entire education system. (Shout out to all the hardworking teachers!)

And maybe you’ve gotten used to plugging your ears with headphones while your spouse is on a video call, talking at a billion decibels.

But daily walks with our families have become our favorite time of day. Saturday bike rides together are a fun weekend treat. Family movie nights have felt so much more special than they used to. And we’ve been inspired to try a bunch of new craft projects, recipes, and games that we probably wouldn’t have thought of before.

All this time together has made us appreciate the little moments with family more than ever. A great way to celebrate your connection with your family is through family portraits.

With summer approaching you may be wondering if now is a good time for a family portrait session.

In this guide, I’ll give you a few family session safety precautions to follow, extra things I’ll be doing to keep sessions safe, and answers to a few common questions about family portraits while social distancing.

TLDR? Use the table of contents box below for a quick outline of everything you’ll find in this guide.

The Family Portrait Safety Guide

Family Portrait Safety 1

Family Portrait Safety Guideline During Coronavirus

As the stay-at-home restrictions begin to lift and parks reopen in NJ, outdoor family portraits can be planned safely.

While there are no specific regulations or guidelines for outdoor portrait photography during the coronavirus pandemic, there are few general rules that you and your photographer should follow.

1. Follow Standard Social Distancing Rules

Parks with wide-open fields are an ideal place for a portrait session. You can safely keep your distance from others by avoiding high traffic trails or playgrounds.

This also allows your photographer to stay at least 6 feet away and still have room to get great photos of your family.

2. Communicate Virtually

While planning your session, your photographer should give you the option book and pay for your session online. Forms and contracts should be filled out and submitted through email or via an online form.

During normal times, many photographers offer in-person consultations or planning meetings before a portrait session. But to minimize close contact, these meetings should be done by video chat or over the phone.

If you have any questions or concerns before your portrait session, it’s best to reach out to your photographer by phone or email beforehand.

3. Avoid Close Contact During Your Session

During your portrait session, your photographer should maintain a distance of 6 feet from you and your family at all times. With the right lens and skill, your photographer won’t have any problem creating beautiful portraits from a distance.

Family Portrait Safety 2

What RMP Is Doing To Ensure Your Family Portrait Session Is Safe And Fun

The primary goal of a portrait session with Racquel Marie Photography has always been to give you and your family a fun and stress-free experience from beginning to end.

And while there may be a few new rules to follow, I can assure you that I am doing everything I can to ensure your time with me is safe, without taking away from any of the fun.

Along with the family portrait safety guidelines listed above, here are a few extra things I’ll be doing to provide you with the same great experience with a little added safety.

Your Discovery Call & Planning Meeting

The first step in a portrait session is a short 15-20 minute phone call. During our conversation, I’ll get to know a little about you and your family, what your hopes and dreams are for your portraits. I’ll answer any questions you have and give you tips for planning for your portraits.

We’ll plan out the perfect portraits for your family.

Online Booking

All of your forms and payments will be handled online. So you’ll never need to physically hand me anything on the day of your session.

After your discovery call, I’ll send you a confirmation email with a link to your personal booking page.

On your booking page, you’ll fill out your family’s information, digitally sign your session agreement, and pay your session fee on my secure booking website.

Everything can be done easily in one place.

Wearing A Face Mask And Keeping A Safe Distance

I’ll keep a safe distance from you throughout our entire time together. And as an extra precaution, I’ll wear a face mask during your session.

Virtual Portrait Reveal & Design Consultation

Once your images are ready, instead of an in-person reveal. We’ll have a virtual Reveal & Design Consultation over video chat.

You’ll see your final portraits in a cinematic slideshow, you’ll select your favorites, and we’ll design your artwork. All from the comfort of your home.

Common Questions About Having A Portrait Session While Social Distancing

Even with all the right precautions in place, you might still be wondering if now is the right time for family portraits. Here are answers to a few common questions about family portrait safety while social distancing.

Will my pictures still look good if you can’t get close?

I don’t need to get close to you to create fun emotion-filled portraits. With the right lens and skill, I’ll have no problem creating photos you’ll love.

In fact, I usually preferred to be farther away while I’m photographing. Many of the family portraits you see on my website and in my family portrait gallery are taken from 10-20 feet away.

Check out the image below that was photographed while social distancing from about 10 feet away.

family portraits while social distancing

Am I allowed to have a portrait session right now?

There haven’t been any specific regulations or guidelines for outdoor portrait photography. Family sessions are allowed as long as you adhere to standard social distancing guidelines.

We’ve already discussed safety guidelines for family portraits while social distancing above. But here are the key points you need to remember.

  • Maintain a minimum of 6 feet distance at all times
  • Wear appropriate PPE, when necessary
  • Use virtual methods for paperwork and payments

Will my photography experience be just as good while social distancing?

Even with the new safety guidelines, your session will still be just as fun, your portraits will be just as stunning, and we will create an amazing experience connecting with your family.

During your session, we’ll play games, laugh at jokes, enjoy the beautiful outdoors, and have a blast connecting with your family.

Your Reveal & Design Consultation will be done virtually. You’ll still enjoy a cinematic presentation of your images, I’ll help you choose your favorites, and we’ll design the perfect artwork for your home. Just like we would if we met in person.

Still Have Questions?

If you’re thinking about having a family portrait session, but you still have questions about whether now is the right time, I’d love to chat with you. You can schedule a free discovery call to ask me any questions you have and talk about your family photo options.