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When Was The Last Time You Had A Family Portrait Taken?

Maybe it was a few years ago. Or before your last child was born. Maybe (gasp) it was never! Or perhaps, the only pictures you have of your family were taken with your iPhone.

Whether your family is celebrating a new milestone or you just need an up-to-date family portrait, I am here to help. I will work with you, from start to finish, to give you a customized photography experience and portraits that you’ll enjoy for a lifetime.

We’ll start by designing all the details of your portrait session during your In-Person Consultation. You’ll get answers to all your questions so you feel 100% comfortable and confident, and we can relax and have fun during your Portrait Session. But then the real fun happens during your Reveal Your portrait will be presented in a personalized slideshow and you’ll be able to choose your favorites and decide how you’d like to display them.

As your family photographer, my #1 goal is to present you with a reminder of how beautiful your life truly is. Have you ever stopped for a moment and looked at your child or your partner and thought about how amazing they are? How uniquely wonderful they are? And how lucky you are to have them? I know I have. That is exactly the feeling I strive to give you through my photography.

The RMP Experience


In-Person Consultation

Before your portrait shoot, we will have a planning meeting to go over all the details of your session. Planning your portrait session can be a lot of work and sometimes even stressful. I’ll take all the guess work and confusion out of planning your portrait session with RMP. If you are unsure about what to wear or what location to choose, I’ve got you covered. We will discuss all those little details so that you are totally prepared for your photo session. You will be able to ask any questions you have, and we will discuss your goals for your portraits and what you would like to do with your images. The planning meeting will give me a chance to get to know a little about you and your family so I can do my best to capture your personalities and the connections you share.


Your Portrait Session

On the day of your portrait session, we will meet at the location of your choice and start snapping away. If you select a large location like a park, I will get there a little early to search for the best spots before you arrive. We will shoot in several different areas so you have plenty of unique images to choose from. I like to use a mix of relaxed posing and candid moments to give you a nice variety.


Your Reveal + Ordering Appointment

You might think your photo shoot was the fun part, but your Reveal Night is where the real fun happens! During your reveal, you will see all your final images displayed beautifully in a custom slideshow in the comfort of your own home. I will even bring a delicious treat for you to enjoy while you watch. Once you have seen your photos, you will get to choose all the photos you love and decide how you would like to display and share them. We will work together to design your custom art pieces and decide which pictures would make perfect gifts for your friends and family.​

Ready to book your portrait session?

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