As a Photographer This Is Kind Of Embarrassing

A few days ago my husband and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. I can’t believe how quickly these first few years flew by! We had such a great wedding. But when I reflect on all the fun memories we made on our wedding day, there’s one thing that’s been nagging me for the last 5 years.

We don’t have a wedding album.

I know, I know. You may have heard me talk about the importance of printing your portraits. Or you may have seen me showcase albums I’ve create for my clients. I truly believe that albums are one of the best ways to document your legacy.

So why don't I have a wedding album?

Let me start by making a small correction; I don’t have a wedding album yet. The truth is I’ve been getting around to making that wedding album for 5 years.

I had the best intentions of designing the perfect wedding album. I selected the photos we wanted to include and I even started laying out the pages. But I still haven’t finished it. We’ve had plenty of friends and family visit of home in the months and years since our wedding, but most of them have never seen our wedding photos.

Have you ever known someone who was a contractor by trade? Someone who has built beautiful homes for their clients, but their own home was full of half-done projects? Their client’s kitchen reno might be spectacular, but their own kitchen has beat up old cabinets and a linoleum floor because they still haven’t gotten around to fixing the place up yet.

Well, that’s me and my wedding album.

You see, when my wedding photographer delivered our photos, I could have ordered an album from her. But I though to myself, “I’m a photographer! I know how to make a professional wedding album. So I can just do it myself!”

That was a huge mistake, and you don’t have to be a photographer to make the same mistake yourself. I hear from people all the time that only want digital files so they can print them or make a photo book themselves. But most of them never do. It becomes another item on their never-ending to-do list. And before they know it, its been weeks, or months, or 5 years and they haven’t gotten around to printing those photos yet.

Why Albums Are Important

Someday I’ll be an old woman and my husband and I will have grandchildren. I imagine they’ll come to visit us. They’ll pull out our old photo albums, and flip through each page with amazement and wonder. They’ll ask questions about what we were like back then and marvel at how different we look. I’ll reminisce on all the memories we created. And one day, when we are gone, those albums will be our legacy and a representation of our family history.

We are creating our own legacies here and now and if we don’t document them they’ll be lost. Printing our photos is the best way to keep them safe.

But most people don’t print their photos. And that’s not just my opinion. In a nationwide survey done by PPA (Professional Photographers of America), 42% of people said they don’t print photos at all and 70% said they don’t own a photo album. 

You can learn more about the importance of printing your photos and why digital images are not the answer in the video below.

As for my wedding album, stay tuned! My awesome husband knows just how important getting our wedding album is to me and how frustrated I am that I haven’t done it yet. So on our anniversary he gave me just the nudge I needed to finally get it done. I’ll be ordering our wedding album soon and sharing it here when it arrives!